Iris |  Morpheus

violin, cello, piano

Fall 2013. In this work, two sound worlds oppose each other. One is subdued and frantic while the other is boisterous and stable. A dream reverses the relationships and reveals the hidden potential of the music. The remaining action is a realization of the implied and of fantasy coming true. The title was inspired by Greek mythology, from which Iris is the goddess of the sea and sky, personified in a rainbow, and a messenger between the gods and mankind. Morpheus is the god of dreams. This is really happening.


Wind Quintet

flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, horn in F, bassoon

Spring 2013. This piece was inspired by a day of pathos and uncontrollable emotional pain.


for my mother

violin and piano

Summer 2012. My father asked me to write a piece about my mother. I figured that because a person's soul expresses itself pretty clearly through their taste in music, I channeled my inner Massenet and produced this work.



amplified grand piano

In February 2012, I participated in an online music competition. As it began, we were given a general theme to interpret and a mere 2 hours to write, perform, and record a piece that would be voted on by all competitors. The theme was "war."



string quartet

Fall 2011. In writing this piece, I hoped to express an amiable and free sense of adventure. Naming the piece after the faithful steed from Shadow of the Colossus was a natural decision.



string quintet / string orchestra

2010. The following recording is from a reading session with a string orchestra. This was my first piece of art music. It is dedicated to the memory of genius, bandmate, and immortal friend Granvil George.